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An instrument with a recording device used to measure work performed by muscles under control conditions.



an instrument used for performing and measuring fixed amounts of mechanical work.

Ergometers vary according to the kind of work to be performed and the particular muscles used in the work. They may take the form of finger or hand ergometers, bicycle ergometers, treadmills (moving paths that operate at variable speeds and inclinations), steps of different heights, spring levers or pedals, and handwheels. Modern ergometers record the amount of energy expended and parameters of such physiological systems as the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system. Ergometers are used primarily in work and sports laboratories. (See also.)

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Although this paper reports dramatic improvements in both ergometric exercise performance and walking function, it is not definitive evidence of efficacy of calf exercise training for the PAD population.
The patients performed a bicycle ergometric test using a stepwise increase in workload until volitional exhaustion was reached.
1977) A 30-sec all-out ergometric test: its reliability and validity for anaerobic capacity.
Regardless, accelerometers exhibit the potential to surpass other biomechanic sensors in both the clinical and performance settings, and usher a new era of ergometric and biomechanic measurement.