erigeron annuus

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daisy fleabane

Small daisy-like flowers with pinkish lavender thin numerous petals and a yellow middle. Whole plant is useable as tea for lung and kidney issues, like diabetes, kidney stones, urination pain, bronchitis, coughs, hemorrhoids as well as bleeding of nose, bladder, stomach and bowels.
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Study species: Erigeron annuus (Asteraceae) is an annual herb and originates from North America.
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parvifolia, species associated with relatively high latitudes and altitudes and low biotic diversity, whereas evidence against it has come from Erigeron annuus and Taraxacum officinale, both widespread, aggressive weeds.
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Within 4 yr of planting, the early-season biennial Rudbeckia hirta was evident only after summer burns, while the mid-season annual Erigeron annuus all but disappeared over time, except after summer burns.
Mid-season Erigeron annuus almost disappeared by 1993, mostly persisting after summer fires.
After two burn cycles, uneven presence (resulting in high variance and low mean cover) precluded statistical demonstration of responses by Agropyron repens, Erigeron annuus, and Rudbeckia hirta that were evident after one burn cycle (Howe 1994a), when mean cover was higher and each species was present in most plots.