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The attitudes of the university population studied were generally positive, tending towards erotophilia; only 24.9% were classified at the erotophobia pole.
Perceptions of the woman who breastfeeds: The role of erotophobia, sexism, and attitudinal variables.
A small sampling of topics: homosexuality and Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, early Christianity, and Judaism; Christian erotophobia; lesbian feminist pioneers in religion; transsexuality; single black women in the Black church; and queer theory and the study of religion.
Klein traces much of this back to erotophobia (fear of or negative attitudes about sex).
And the modernist whitewash seems to assert its own derivation in the phobias of Protestant domestic, religious, and aesthetic space: mysophobia (fear of dirt and contamination), Monophobia, chromophobia, erotophobia. Meanwhile, water takes on a mixed valence: It is what washes clean (though here it actually dirties the white wall, with a modern blue that is literally and figuratively "ultramarine"); it is what joins and separates continents; it is what changes shape and defies boundaries and confining edges; it is what pushes beyond the box, beyond the frame.
Ellison criticizes conservative ideology for its punitive and repressive stance towards sexuality, or what he calls "erotophobia," which it uses to "mobilize and also distract people from criticizing the capitalist economic system." Id.
Ross: To quote Carol Queen, we are all, certainly in North America, burdened by what she calls erotophobia. It's a terrible deep fear, even perhaps loathing, of the sexual, untrammelled by these prescriptions, which are in many instances religious prescriptions of all kinds, moral prescriptions, medical prescriptions, political and legal prescriptions.
It was found that one's level of erotophobia influences their likelihood of engaging in sexual health care, like breast self-exams (BSE).
Reducing college students homophobia, erotophobia, and conservatism levels through a human sexuality course.
Although previous research did not demonstrate a systematic relationship between sex guilt (Castille & Geer, 1993; Lewis et al., 1986) or erotophobia (Geer, et al., 2001) and memory performance for sexual material, it is possible that sex guilt or sex anxiety might disrupt the processing of sexual material (Lewis et al., 1986), leading to a reduction in recall.
Coverdale's loathing of Westervelt can be read as a specific feature of a general erotophobia that seemed to characterize Hawthorne's reactions to Fourierianism.
The Coalition for Positive Sexuality distributes its Just Say Yes pamphlet directly to teenagers with the aim "to transgress the homophobia, misogyny, and erotophobia that these institutions [of the classrooms and the school board] perpetuate.