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Combining the error equation of observation and the equation of constraint condition, the error equation with constraint condition is expressed in Eq.
Using (11), (12) and (20) in formula (19) and simplifying, we get the final error equation as
6 dB at 110 GHz for the combiner and all other losses are the same as stated previously), the loss error equation becomes
The energy norm of the estimate parameters error equation is obtained:
For the three kinds of geolocation systems, accuracy analysis of the fast algorithm is described respectively as follows, which make use of polynomial approximation error equation.
for all n in any iteration method and simplifying, we obtain the error equation for that method.
In [10], the augmented error system was constructed by differentiating the state equation on both sides, combining with the error equation.
The error equation (12) establishes the asymptotic error constant for the fourth-order convergence of the Newton-type method defined by (7).
The error equation (12) establishes the fifth-order convergence of the Newton- five [alpha] method defined by (4)
2] number of error equations can be formed and error for each UAV can be calculated.
Hadley's is that we analytically derived both the local LFE error and the global CLF dispersion error equations and proved that this LFE-9 equation is of the sixth-order accuracy, which is theoretically the highest order of accuracy on a nine-point compact stencil [12] for the 2D discrete Helmholtz operator.