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That relatively large error range is what can make it so hard for your phone to tell if you're on a highway or an offramp, or if you've made a turn or continued forward.
It guarantees a high measurement accuracy (the error range is less than 1 percent), because it measures the shear strain of a rotating shaft directly.
As per the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the new system has improved accuracy with a normal error range of 20-90 centimeters.
Scientists' previous measurements had been within the technique's error range.
With 49 rules, error range of the final moisture content remained at 0.
NO] values could be within error range of the measurement instrument; therefore, data on the precision of the measurements should be provided and explanation should be given on how it could affect the regression analysis.
It is expected to run each test several times and determines an error range (technically, a 95 percent confidence interval).
They also fall well within the error range of the instrumentation aboard the average Cessna.
The LRM 1500 indicated that the sign was 856 yards away, a difference of eight yards and under the guaranteed one percent error range.
So do humans, so there is less variation in a cluster sample and thus a broader error range.
A "one-sigma error" means the true value has a 68 percent chance of being within the error range given.
The survey was conducted online by Hall & Partners Healthcare from July 18 to August 15, 2005, and has a margin of error range of +/- 3.