eruca sativa

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Also called garden rocket, roquette, rocket-salad, Oruga, Rocketsalad, rocket-gentle; Raukenkohl (German); rouquelle (French); rucola (Italian) A very alkaline high protein green leafy lettuce with a spicy, peppery flavor, that neutralizes acidic waste and cleans the blood and lymph system. Because of it’s high sulfur content, arugula is great for skin and purifying the liver. Great with olive oil and apple cider vinegar. Anti-cancer, vitamins A,C,K,Folic acid. Small whitish-yellow blossoms with dark centers and dark purple streaks with a peppery flavor much like the leaves, which resemble radish leaves in both appearance and taste.
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NK cells play a pivotal role in the defense of tumor diseases and we finally wanted to know if an Eruca sativa seed extract and isolated Erucin have influence on NK cells' anti-tumor function, expressed by viability and also by degranulation capacity towards cancer cells.
Antigenotoxic properties of Eruca sativa (rocket plant), erucin and erysolin in human hepatoma (HepG2) cells towards benzo(a)pyrene and their mode of action.