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The ejection of solid, liquid, or gaseous material from a volcano.

What does it mean when you dream about an eruption?

An eruption, such as a volcanic eruption, usually indicates the forceful breakthrough of unconscious material—repressed thoughts or urges—into consciousness. More generally, an eruption may indicate an upheaval in one’s life.

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Research of scientific sources showed that the first known eruption of the mud volcano occurred in 1913, and the last occurred on January 16.
The lull prompted the authorities to send home on Friday some 60,000 people who had taken shelter in evacuation centers in Albay province after Phivolcs raised Alert Level 4 (hazardous eruption imminent) on Jan.
Manila [Philippines], Jan 23 ( ANI ): A massive volcanic eruption took place in the Philippines' most active volcano, Mount Mayon, spewing lava and sending a huge amount of ash and smoke into the sky, late on Monday.
The eruption of steam and ash, as opposed to lava, is called a phreatic eruption.
For the third time in less than 24 hours, a phreatic eruption occurred at Mount Mayon before noon today.
Another severe solar eruption with mark of X8,2 was recorded on Sunday evening.
So, if you're sitting somewhere south of the equator in South America, and an eruption goes off in Iceland, the tropical rain belt may move southward a bit, and actually give you a bit more rain," explains Colose.
When the patient awoke the next morning, he had a generalized skin eruption on his chin, trunk, buttocks, glans penis, and extremities (figure).
During the buildup to an eruption of Yellowstone's Spouter Geyser, carbon dioxide accumulates in the geyser water, researchers report in the April Geology.
For example, their findings indicated that all eight known volcanic eruptions in the Northern Hemisphere between 30,000 and 80,000 years ago that were as large or larger than the 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora--the largest volcanic eruption in recorded history--led to warm periods in the Antarctic region, as the cooling of the Northern Hemisphere due to the reflection of solar radiation by volcanic particles pushed the Southern Hemisphere polar front south.
Patricia Gregg, assistant professor of geophysics at the University of Illinois, points out that while the famous 1980 eruption of Mount St Helens, Washington, produced one cubic km of erupted material, a supervolcano eruption produces at least 500 times more than that.
1) Out of all these, teeth are the best parameters because the age of eruption of the teeth is pretty constant in most individuals and remains in the narrow range.