escape stair

escape stair, fire-escape stair

An interior or exterior stair, required by law, which provides an escape route in the event of fire.
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Tenders are invited for construction of proposed fire escape stair at back side of coe building within the compound of school of tropical medicine sl5
P Carr, change of use of ground and first floor |from B8 to A2/B1 (retail and office) , change of use of levels 3, 4, and 5 from B8 to C3 (residential), excavation and provision of retaining structure to extend car park, building of double garage, installation of external lift and fire escape stair in protected masonry enclosure, installation of balconies on south west elevation at levels 3, 4 and 5, refurbishment/renewal of roofs, changes to some existing window opening and installation of windows and doors into new and existing openings, partial rendering of external walls, external paving and boundary walls (conservation area, Bamforths Warehouse, Station Road, Holmfirth.
The computer-predicted capacities of equipment necessary to keep smoke out of the fire escape stair shafts and away from the occupied floor spaces can be substantiated by several stairwell pressurization tests conducted on small burn towers and simulated fire tests carried out in large high-rise buildings.
1 500 mA;- Keder / weather protection construction phase IIa approximately 220 mA;- Escape stair tower as a necessary escape route about 1 pcs .
The escalator only goes to the first floor, so to reach the upper galleries you must head through a push-bar door to an escape stair, or wait for one of two lifts, which hardly coped with a handful of journalists.
Alan Brook, single storey toilet extension and replacement fire escape stair (conservation area), Hepworth Village Hall, Towngate, Hepworth.
Application ref: 12/0256/FUL Address: 14 And 16 West Row, Stockton Proposal: Erection of external fire escape stair enclosure, replacement doors and windows, recovering roof of No 14 and high level masonry works to No 14 - chimney and parapet.
Replacement of the escape stair tower for seismic retrofitting of the A-house (levels from -2 to 5, Building A).
The warped skin theme is tentatively extended to the older parts, forming a protective screen around a new external escape stair, suggesting that old and new now have a funky reciprocity.
D Burnet, detached garage, 53 Hill Grove, Salendine Nook; J Bradley, fire escape stair, 16a Acre Street, Lindley; Jaguar Estates, demolition of shop unit and replacement with block of 12 flats (in conservation area), 71 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth; Mr and Mrs Bridges, conservatory, 45 Robin Hood Hill, Berry Brow.
Banisters and handrails (300 m); Covers; Gutters; Perforated sheets; Supply air grille; Steel fire doors and gates (about 150 mA); Escape stair tower as a steel structure (2.
Escape stair tower, exit EC - 2nd floor, light running width> 1.