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a military convoy, guard, or accompanying party. Naval escorts consist of forces specially assigned to protect warships and other vessels in transit. Air escorts are usually fighter aircraft designated to accompany air transports and command aircraft. Escort personnel acting as honor guards are assigned to accompany foreign dignitaries and to serve at military burials.

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Aircraft assigned to protect friendly aircraft during a mission. Escorts may or may not accompany the main force. In the former case, they are called tied or close escorts, whereas in the latter they are referred to as free escorts. See also close escort and free escort.
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The escort were so wretchedly clothed, that they twisted straw round their bare legs, and thatched their ragged shoulders to keep the wet off.
At the instant when Darnay saw a rush in the eyes of the crowd, which another instant would have brought upon him, the postmaster turned his horse into the yard, the escort rode in close upon his horse's flanks, and the postmaster shut and barred the crazy double gates.
Naturally struck by the disagreeable word, Charles Darnay requested the speaker to take notice that he was a free traveller and French citizen, in charge of an escort which the disturbed state of the country had imposed upon him, and which he had paid for.
He left escort and escorted without saying a word, however, and went into the guard-room; meanwhile, they sat upon their horses outside the gate.
Then he delivered to the escort, drunk and sober, a receipt for the escorted, and requested him to dismount.
The escort and the universal watchfulness had completely isolated him.
Then her mood changed, and she bade one of the escort ask whether the lama would walk alongside and discuss matters of religion.
That afternoon as Roger de Conde was admitted to the castle of Richard de Tany, and escorted to a little room where he awaited the coming of the Lady Joan, a swarthy messenger handed a letter to the captain of the King's soldiers camped a few miles south of Tany.
Norman of Torn is now at the castle of Tany, without escort.
Mr Nieuwenhuis, who is from Cardiff, said: "Although Ford fans have focused on the MK1 and MK2 Escorts which work as alternative rally cars they are so expensive that people are taking an interest in the XR3 generation.
Police escorts a privilege that can be revoked, PNP chief says !-- -- ( - June 3, 2019 - 10:09pm MANILA, Philippines The Philippine National Police can assign anyone a security detail if there is a threat to their security,Police Gen.
Aprobe is to be carried out into a crackdown on the numbers of NHS-funded escorts accompanying patients from the Outer Hebrides to mainland hospitals.