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A language for simulation of VLSI at the switch level. The primitives are nodes and transistors.

[C.M. Baker et al, "Tools for Verifying Integrated CIrcuit Design", Lambda 1(3):22-30 (1980)].


(Embedded SIM) A chip that is equivalent in function to a Mini or Micro SIM card used to identify the telephone number in a cellphone. With the traditional SIM card, changing phone numbers or carriers requires replacing the card in the SIM tray. However, an embedded SIM can be reprogrammed by software. eSIMs are also used in wireless machine-to-machine devices that have permanent identities. See SIM card.
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The eSIM will be available for enterprises that use the docomo M2M Platform, a globally adopted platform that integrates the mobile networks of DOCOMO and operators in other countries.
For example, a connected car with a built-in eSIM from Germany may be exported to the UAE or any other countries.
That can be done by creating laws that are more friendly to working-women care-givers, Esim says.
Esim said the growing number of FDWs, and the recent high-profile cases of abuse that had led some governments to ban their citizens from seeking domestic work in the Middle East, had focused attention on the issue.
Mekong eSim also supports the development of communication, research, critical thinking, negotiation and decision-making skills and an appreciation of cultural differences and approaches.
Simel Esim (International Center for Research on Women), Lisa Garbus, Julian Lampietti, Andrew Mason, and Pierre Romand-Heuyer (World Bank), and Statistics Sweden are gratefully acknowledged.
BOSTON -- Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), a provider of integrated performance analysis software and consulting services for sustainable building design and operation, today announced its participation at eSim 2012, May 1-4, 2012, Halifax, NS, Canada.
Toward a Unified Representation System of Performance-related Data, Proceedings of eSim IBPSA, Canada, 117-124.
Hal boyle devam ederken 1962 yilinda evlendim esim de ayni kursudeydi.
The idea of creating a complaints office is not new, said Simel Esim, senior technical specialist in gender equality and women workers' issues at the International Labor Organization's regional office for Arab states.
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