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A language for simulation of VLSI at the switch level. The primitives are nodes and transistors.

[C.M. Baker et al, "Tools for Verifying Integrated CIrcuit Design", Lambda 1(3):22-30 (1980)].
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(Embedded SIM) A chip that is equivalent in function to a Mini or Micro SIM card used to identify the telephone number in a cellphone. With the traditional SIM card, changing phone numbers or carriers requires replacing the card in the device's SIM tray. However, an embedded SIM is built in and programmed remotely by the carrier. Google's Pixel 2 phones and the Apple Watch 3 with Cellular were some of the first devices to employ eSIMs.

eSIMs are also used in wireless machine-to-machine devices that have permanent identities. See SIM card.
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eSIM was developed in order to adapt the traditional SIM to the specific needs of M2M-communication, as a growing amount of SIM cards has been deployed for mobile connections between machines (12).
We are very pleased to take part to the first GSMA Phase 2 eSIM deployment in personal computers with ASUS.
"The current system makes the worker entirely dependent on the employer, increasing the vulnerability of the worker to labor abuses," said Esim,.
New customers who have an eSIM compatible device can also opt to have their Virgin Mobile eSIM activated at their home or office within an hour via Virgin Mobile's home delivery service, by downloading the Virgin Mobile app via the Play store or App store, choosing their favourite number or transferring their current one from any network, and creating their customised mobile plan and selecting eSIM.
And for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, the eSIM is already bringing substantial benefits to operators and business customers."
The rollout of eSIM compatibility has been problematic for Apple.
The post UAE's du launches eSIM for latest iPhone models appeared first on
An eSim is an integrated SIM chip that is embedded in mobile devices, enabling customers to have multiple numbers using one mobile phone without having to switch sim cards.
Tribune News Network Doha All Ooredoo customers who make the switch to eSIM technology will enjoy a reward of free unlimited local calls and data for three months, the telecom company announced on Wednesday.
Ooredoo has announced that all customers who make the switch to eSIM technology with Qatar's biggest mobile network on a compatible device will enjoy a reward of free unlimited local calls and data for three months.
Summary: In the UAE, only the latest Apple iPhones are eSIM compatible
Summary: First telco in UAE to provide eSIM on iPhone and Apple Watch.