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A language for simulation of VLSI at the switch level. The primitives are nodes and transistors.

[C.M. Baker et al, "Tools for Verifying Integrated CIrcuit Design", Lambda 1(3):22-30 (1980)].


(Embedded SIM) A chip that is equivalent in function to a Mini or Micro SIM card used to identify the telephone number in a cellphone. With the traditional SIM card, changing phone numbers or carriers requires replacing the card in the device's SIM tray. However, an embedded SIM is built in and programmed remotely by the carrier. Google's Pixel 2 phones and the Apple Watch 3 with Cellular were some of the first devices to employ eSIMs.

eSIMs are also used in wireless machine-to-machine devices that have permanent identities. See SIM card.
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Idemia is a company that specialised in augmented reality acquired Otono Networks recently and now can offer partners eSIM orchestration technology.
Together, Idemia and Otono have a GSMA-compliant solution that helps MNOs and OEMs support new devices onboarding eSIM, keeping pace with the industry's growing appetite for always-connected devices.
Although there is a lot of speculation on the rate of adoption of eSIM, no concensus has been reached.
Compliant with the GSMA Remote SIM Provisioning specifications, Gemalto's eSIM solution is fully integrated with Windows 10.
The use of an eSIM is simply more convenient to users who don't want to be tied down to a single mobile carrier.
The introduction of devices with eSIM cards, which are soldered into consumer devices, puts forward a new set of technical and procedural requirements.
0 eSIM contributes to enhance the Always Connected Windows user experience.
The system enables interoperability between the two carriers' eSIM systems, which adopt different vendors' subscription management platforms.
Intel and Qualcomm who are on-board this shift to smaller devices, will also open more possibilities by enabling eSIM (no physical SIM card required) technology on their upcoming devices.
Samsung Electronics announced the Samsung Gear S2 classic 3G as the first device in the market to be equipped with an eSIM compliant to GSMA Consumer Remote SIM Provisioning (RSP) architecture.
Leading SIM vendors, suppliers and operators are releasing the eSIM.
com), General Motors, and ESim, issued a one-year progress report on their project to speed up hybrid and electric vehicle battery development and performance improvement.