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, esparto grass
any of various grasses, esp Stipa tenacissima of S Europe and N Africa, that yield a fibre used to make ropes, mats, etc.



(Stipa tenacissima), a perennial grass of the family Gramineae. In Spain and North Africa, esparto forms a dense cover over extensive areas of land. The leaves contain a strong fiber and are used in the production of paper and synthetic silk and other fabrics. Esparto is good pasturage for camels, horses, and oxen. It is exported to some countries in Europe.

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Bistrita Nasaud - Suciu de Sus - Suciu de Jos - Esparto (DJ 109 F) in length 15.
Polysaccharide Industries AB of Bromma, Sweden has received a patent for a composition consisting of an aqueous solution comprising at least one polysaccharide having a b-1,4-glycan backbone selected from the group consisting of locust bean gum, guar gum, esparto xylan, arabinoxylan, Kojac mannan, hydroxyethyl cellulose, methylcarboxymethyl cellulose, and acetyl cellulose, or a derivative thereof and polyethylene imine, the composition being capable of forming a film, via at least partial gel formation, when applied onto a substrate.
Charles of Solihull Arden who is 12, is top of both the 12 and Under and 14 and Under sections while Ciara of Esparto heads both the 14 and Under and 16 and Under divisions for the girls.
In most of the papers, more than one grass species was present, for example, cereal straws, reed (Phragmites communis), sabai (Eulaliopsis binata), rice (Oryza sativa), albatrine (Lygeum spartum), esparto (Stipa tenacissima), sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), corn (Zea mays), and bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus).
Sunset staff members jumped at the chance to meet this challenge by designing gardens for four model homes in the Esperanza Estates development in Esparto, near Davis, California.
Europeans were conscripted into armies and taxed to support them--but revenues from gold, slaves, tobacco, guns and gunpowder, alcohol, spices, rubber, esparto grass and myriad other goods acquired around the globe contributed to both the imperial competition and to the state building that accompanied it.
leaves of the raffia and licuri palms, sugarcane and esparto.
It is like Arab chants, like the monotonous chants of heath and moor; it is comparable to the desert; a desert of esparto, a desert of sand, a desert of stone.
The company often blends natural fibers such as wood cellulose, cotton, hemp and the grass fiber esparto with synthetic fibers including rayon, polyester and glass microfiber.
e-Net commissioned the report - based on original research among purchasing managers - for the launch of its new online purchasing software, esparto e-procurement, an application that brings together orders from different parts of an organisation with individual budgets into a single requisition.
16 9 Wood and Articles of Wood; Wood Charcoal; Cork and Articles of Cork; Manufactures of Straw of Esparto or of other Plaiting Materials; Basketware and Wike Work 0 (b) 0 (b) 10 Pulp of Wood or of other Fibrous Cellulosic Material; Waste and Scrap of Paper or Paper Board; Paper and Paperboard Articles thereof 0.
Her memory leads back to the land of sand, the fields of esparto, the terraces of wisteria, the dry mountains and the furrows of mud-back to Algeria.