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(1) (Electronic Switching System) A large-scale computer used to route telephone calls in a telephone company office. The 5ESS is a Class 5 central office switch, and the 4ESS is a Class 4 tandem office switch. The ESS designation originated with AT&T when it manufactured the machines and was the only telephone company in the U.S. See SS7, Class 4 switch, Class 5 switch and digital cross-connect.

(2) (Enterprise Storage Server) A family of SAN devices for mainframes and Unix servers from IBM. ESS units are built with a high degree of fault tolerance and connect via Fibre Channel, SCSI, ESCON and FICON interfaces. See SAN.

(3) (Executive Support System) See EIS.

(4) (Electronic SpreadSheet) See spreadsheet.

(5) (Extended Service Set) Two or more Wi-Fi access points in the same subnet. See BSS and 802.11.
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Regularities of change of vector elements values (15) and (16) will be used later to summarize the simulation results for different operation modes of three-phase ESS. Note that these ratios may vary in any arbitrary manner, and the selected regularities (15) and (16) represent the most characteristic changes influences of the three-phase ESS parameters on the total losses.
Conclusions: In this study adding body mass index (BMI) and NC to ESS score significantly increased the sensitivity and specificity and positive predictive value for diagnosis of OSA.
ESS join a mix of tenants that include Handlesbanken, DJM Solicitors, HSBC, Konica Minolta, James & Uzzel accountants, Waters Creative, NFU and Solo Service Group.
EeA[cedilla] Consolidated Management and Compliance Reporting: DDP | ESS minimises the time and resources needed to manage endpoint security by allowing companies to remotely manage all components using a single, non-disruptive console capable of generating consolidated status and compliance reports
With the SMS-based ESS feature, Ramco aims at addressing the needs of organisations with heavily distributed workforce or highly secure workplaces (like BPO, Factories, R&D units) which restrict use of smart phones within office premises.
One is the absurd faith in crisis that ESS students consistently demonstrate.
Several of Prof Cywinski's colleagues at Huddersfield have also been closely involved in the development of the ESS. They include Prof Roger Barlow, Dr Cristian Bungau and Dr Adriana Bungau, who have carried out crucial calculations.
Another important issue regarding the ESS is the state of charge (SoC) control.
Education Staffing Solutions (ESS) was founded in 2003 and now has 1,500 active teachers on its records.
Due to the unfavourable influence of power fluctuations from PV plants and expensive cost of the ESS, extensive studies have been carried out on the power smoothing through proper control of ESS [23].
ESS is a national provider of managed solutions in PreK-12 education.