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An expression used within ATS (air traffic services) when communicating an ATC (air traffic control) estimate. This expression is used in conjunction with a place and a time.
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Taxco, in its first year following its final S return, faces an inflexible requirement for computing its quarterly estimated tax payments.
This will not affect the receipt of the estimated tax refund.
The "end of the taxable year" means the period beginning with the 15th of the month the estimated payment is due and ending the last day of the last month of the tax year.
The ability to accurately determine those estimated costs could help the estimator/bidder avoid the estimating disasters encountered by most demolition contractors with experience bidding on diversified projects.
i] are linear functions and nonparametric functions defined by smoothers such as loess (locally estimated polynomial regression) or smoothing splines.
ESCO was again required to apply the highest value, but the new emission factor resulted in a decrease in estimated CO emissions of 66%.
Individuals who anticipated their current year's tax would exceed the prior year's tax would make quarterly estimated payments sufficient to cover the tax shown on the prior year's return.
The proposed approach would necessitate detailed and complex actuarial calculations of the present value at retirement of the estimated costs to provide the benefits promised employees.
Up to now, this parameter has only been estimated retrospectively for periods from which all secondary cases had been detected.
If a taxpayer wants larger credits, it win have to settle for an estimated base period.

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