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An expression used within ATS (air traffic services) when communicating an ATC (air traffic control) estimate. This expression is used in conjunction with a place and a time.
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The revised emission factor and resultant emissions estimate of 24 tons/year represented a decrease in estimated VOC emissions of 67%, and savings of approximately $1525 per year in permitting fees.
The estimated property crimes total in 1992 was 12.5 million offenses, lot a rate of 4,903 for every 100,000 U.S.
* The receipt from External Resources in 1993-94 are estimated at Rs.
Wright and her coworkers have estimated potential land availability for wood-energy production at 35 to 70 million acres.
(3) Who have paid estimated tax, or have been subject to a penalty for failing to do so, in at least one of the three preceding tax years.
The net capital receipts for FY2019 have been estimated at Rs###The external receipts in FY2019 are estimated at Rs 1,118
Construction of Basic Health Unit with staff accommodation at Khanna Dak, with an estimated cost Rs 56.528 million.
d) The provincial share in federal revenue receipts is estimated at Rs 1,459 billion during 2012-13 which is 21.2% higher than the budget estimates for 2011-12.
If a taxpayer wants larger credits, it win have to settle for an estimated base period.
Under this approach the option value (and related compensation expense) was based on the market price of an option with the same or similar terms (when available) or estimated using an option pricing model (applicable to most companies).
A demolition estimator must develop the good habit of using an estimating system that includes the me of "common denominators" as they relate to the demolition projects being estimated. This can include labor hours and days, tons, truck loads, cubic feet, square feet and cubic yards.
This high prevalence of potential exposure had implications for the statistical analysis, as the usual reference rates after stratification by known confounders would not be estimated with the negligible error normally associated with such studies.

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