estimated time of arrival

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estimated time of arrival

[′es·tə‚mād·əd ¦tīm əv ə′rīv·əl]
The predicted time of reaching a destination or way point. Abbreviated ETA.

estimated time of arrival (ETA)

i. For IFR (instrument flight rules) flights, the time at which it is estimated that the aircraft will arrive over that designated point, defined by reference to navigational aids, from which it is intended that an instrument procedure will begin. If no navigational aid is associated with the aerodrome, it is the time at which the aircraft will arrive at the aerodrome.
ii. For VFR (visual flight rules) flights, the time at which it is estimated that the aircraft will arrive over the aerodrome.
iii. The time the flight is estimated to arrive at the gate for scheduled operators or the actual runway on-times for nonscheduled operators.
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The Snapchat card presents options for filters, including ride information and estimated time of arrival.
TomTom Traffic provides accurate information about traffic jams, roadworks and estimated time of arrival.
Smart Public Transportation System can track the location of the smart buses in Bahrain through GPS and upload that information on to the database that provides users with information such as up-to-date data on the location, current speeds, destination and estimated time of arrival at the next stop as well as estimated time until the arrival of a bus at the user's nearest bus stop.
It will intelligently utilise location history and other data in order to provide traffic updates, estimated time of arrival and more.
The HSE said in a statement last night: "The coast guard notified the National Ambulance Services approximately 10 minutes prior to its estimated time of arrival in Drogheda.
HUD has more navigation detail than other portable display systems, showing turn indicators, distance to the next turn, current speed and speed limit, and estimated time of arrival.
Whenever a stroke is suspected by ambulance crews, the hospital is contacted to alert them of the patient's condition and the estimated time of arrival, with the aim of ensuring the patient receives the right care quickly.
James Hetherton is tracking his daughter's progress, which currently sees her en route from Brest to rio de Janeiro, with an estimated time of arrival at the end of the second leg of early October.
It has also helped improve our final fuel on board predictions and made our estimated time of arrival predictions more accurate.
PKK-affiliated agencies and officials of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), the organizers of the ceremony in Diyarbakyr, had earlier indicated the estimated time of arrival for the bodies as Wednesday morning, but it became clear on Wednesday that the bodies would not arrive before late afternoon.
Although the Yemen Airlines changed the estimated time of arrival from 6 p.
On the day of installation, a Scottish Gas installer will call ahead to inform you of their estimated time of arrival.

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