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Lieberman is an international symbol of racism, a settler and defender of settlers, the principal assistant in Binyamin Netanyahu's efforts to obstruct peace and eternalize the occupation.
Lear saw that the Autotype could potentially eternalize the sketch, fixing it in place even while accentuating its suggestive and elusive qualities.
It will also be to eternalize the skills and knowledge which will help the sex workers to change their life," Sidibe said.
His hamartia like that of Ozymandias or Kubla Khan lies in his belief that he can eternalize his existence through an artifice.
That the kingdom is 'among you,' that it is coming 'today,' is a notion of the future which eternalizes the moment" (Star, 226); this phrase links up Jewish and Christian notions of redemption (cf.
It seems to be a poem that eternalizes the momentary and the fleeting through the mind-enlightening silence, which is both audibly and visually striking.
Through this shift of focus from the male poet to the heroine he eternalizes, the woman poet claims a place outside the circulation of male-authored seduction lyric on which the anthology is based.
Le Clezio the great traveler and narrator of travel, the insightful observer of the complexities of the world in which he lives, immobilizes himself in his language, eternalizes in his writing worlds which we the readers may also explore and in which we too may immerse ourselves.
But what happens when an image becomes more than just another picture, when it captures the zeitgeist of a particular paradigm or eternalizes a single moment like no other photograph can?
Islamic architecture probes into water; the unique presence of water diminishes the harshness of the building; its transparency eternalizes building which have been constructed based on the afterlife.
In the same way, Dario removes the aesthetic critique from its linear progression, the changing progress of style, and, locating it in nature, eternalizes its precepts:
According to Elias (2001), death can have different meanings: as a rite of passage to an afterlife that eternalizes human existence or as something that marks the end of existence.