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inflammation of the membrane lining a sinus, esp a nasal sinus



an inflammation of the paranasal sinuses in man and animals. In humans, acute sinusitis usually arises as a complication of influenza, acute respiratory diseases, or other infectious diseases; chronic sinusitis develops from acute sinusitis that has not been completely cured.

The general symptoms of acute sinusitis include elevated body temperature, headache, abundant nasal discharge, and difficulty in breathing through the nose, most often on one side. With chronic sinusitis, there is usually no increase in body temperature and the other symptoms are less pronounced. Localization of the process determines the symptoms. Sinusitis may be catarrhal or purulent, depending on the type of inflammation. With chronic sinusitis, proliferations of the mucosa (polyps) often form in the paranasal sinuses and the nasal cavity.

Several different forms of sinusitis are distinguished, depending on which sinus is affected. The most common form is maxillary sinusitis, which is an inflammation of the maxillary sinus. With frontal sinusitis, the frontal sinus becomes inflamed; with ethmoid sinusitis, the ethmoidal labyrinth; and with sphenoid sinusitis, the sphenoidal sinus. Sometimes the inflammatory process spreads to all the paranasal sinuses on one or both sides (pansinusitis). Treatment includes the use of medicinal agents, the administration of heat (hot-water bag, compress), and physical therapy. Sometimes surgical treatment is indicated. Prophylaxis includes the timely treatment of the cause of the disease. [23–1294–]


Inflammation of a paranasal sinus.
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Table 2: Prevalence of Anatomical Variants associated with Sinusitis Sinus- Disease Deviated Inferior Agger Nasi Nasal Turbinate Cells Septum Hypertrophy Maxillary sinusitis 10 12 7 Ethmoid sinusitis 12 9 5 MHMS 3 7 2 Frontal sinusitis 5 2 2 Pan-sinusitis -- 1 1 Sphenoid sinusitis 1 -- -- Total 31 31 17 Sinus- Disease Paradoxical Concha Total Middle Bullosa Turbinate Maxillary sinusitis 3 1 33 Ethmoid sinusitis 1 -- 27 MHMS -- -- 12 Frontal sinusitis 1 1 11 Pan-sinusitis -- -- 2 Sphenoid sinusitis -- -- 1 Total 5 2 86 Note: MHMS, mucosal hypertrophy of maxillary sinus.
A 43-year-old man was referred to us for evaluation of recurring ethmoid sinusitis.
In the case described here, maxillary and ethmoid sinusitis with nasal polyposis was present on one side, while almost-clear sinuses with nasal polyposis were present on the other side.
A diagnosis of right-sided ethmoid sinusitis was made, and the patient was referred to us for endoscopic sinus surgery.
Computed tomography (CT) of the sinuses demonstrated opacification of the left maxillary sinus, obstruction of the left middle meatus, and ethmoid sinusitis (figure, A).