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a shared racial, linguistic or national identity of a social group. See also NATIONALISM.

Ethnicity is an imprecise term which has given rise to some degree of conceptual confusion (see also ETHNIC GROUP). It is often conflated with other terms such as racial group.

Ethnicity can incorporate several forms of collective identity, including cultural, religious, national and subcultural forms. A distinction may be drawn between cultural

ethnicity and political ethnicity. The former refers to a belief in a shared language, religion or other such cultural values and practices. The latter refers to the political awareness or mobilization of a group on a (real or assumed) ethnic basis. Although ethnicity is often used in relation to a group's assumed racial identity, strictly racial attributes (see RACE) are not necessarily, or even usually, the defining feature of ethnic groups.

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Coming at the height of the New Ethnicity, and guaranteed to generate wide participation and interest, the celebration was a key symbolic venue for the performance of ethnic identity.
Second, Zeitz is needlessly stark in his discussion of ethnicity and race.
Gender and Ethnicity. In this study, male participants were 1,735,364 (50.5%) and females were 1,704,125 (49.5%).
Although there is some overlap, race and ethnicity are different constructs, and they have produced different bodies of literature.
Fourteen essays follow the introduction, each of which discusses and critiques the contributions that a religious tradition has made to the social history of race or ethnicity in a particular region.
For example, Sansone remarks that "the crisis of the narrative based on class [in the US and the Anglophone world]" has "boosted the popularity of other narratives based on race, ethnicity, community/locality or nations" (p.
Researching 'Race' and Ethnicity offers interesting commentary on the dilemmas faced in what is conceptualized as inter-racial research, on the fluidity of identity, and on the importance of multi-sited data collection.
Event co-ordinator Peter Groves said: 'Birmingham is the perfect example of what we were looking for when EthniCity was launched.'
It is also recognized that adults' smoking rates vary by ethnicity, race, and immigrant status.
We live in a fragmented and divided world, as indicated by the implosion of many nation-states, the increased focus on ethnicity, and the rise of micronationalism and statelessness.
(A) Ethnicity. The revised Regulation C requires lenders to request an applicant's ethnicity first (Hispanic or Latino, Not Hispanic or Latino), and then to request the applicant's race.