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The researchers fed candy laced with ethyl oleate to bees from two of three age-matched colonies.
He says he'd like to find out how ethyl oleate influences gene expression and hormone activity.
Robinson and other scientists note that the grow-slow pheromone probably contains ingredients besides ethyl oleate.
For the e-FAEEs, a similar distribution was found, with the maximum concentrations more distal in the 21-24 cm segment and with an even higher portion of ethyl oleate.
The e-FAEE concentration profile for case HV05 was similar to the profile for i-FAEEs, again with a higher portion of ethyl oleate, particularly in the proximal segments.
Characteristic was a high excess of ethyl oleate in the e-FAEE profile (up to 93%).
Finally, it was observed that in this group, ethyl oleate in the hair as well as in the sebum was not as dominant as in both alcoholic groups A and B described above.
The e-FAEEs generally contained a higher portion of ethyl oleate at the expense of the three saturated esters.
In all samples, the portion of ethyl oleate was clearly higher in the e-FAEEs than in the i-FAEEs.
ions m/z 67, 88, and 101 for ethyl palmitate (E16:0), ethyl heptadecanoate (E17:0), ethyl stearate (E18:0), ethyl oleate (E18:1), and ethyl linoleate (E18:2); and ions m/z 79 and 91 for ethyl arachidonate (E20:4), ethyl eicosapentaenoate (E20:5), and ethyl docosahexaenoate (E22:o)].
The organ distribution of total radioactivity from the radiolabeled FAEEs 2 h after delivery into the stomach, for both radiolabeled ethyl oleate and radiolabeled ethyl eicosapentaenoate, indicated that the radioactivity was largely present in the gastrointestinal tract.