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There are variable etiologies of chronic liver disease in children according to age of the patients.
The different etiologies of erythroderma in our patients were not similar to those reported from other parts of the world.
The fact that a history of postpartum hemorrhage of one subtype confers risk of other subtypes in a subsequent pregnancy suggests that there are likely shared pathological features across the different etiologies, and I think this is going to be a very interesting area to examine in the future," commented lead investigator Dr.
Various etiologies of pericardial effusion identified in our study were infections, post-pericardiotomy syndrome, malignancy and connective tissue.
When comparing the percentage of outbreaks occurring in school settings by etiology, outbreaks of unknown (unconfirmed) etiology consistently accounted for the highest percentage of outbreaks followed by confirmed viral, bacterial, chemical, and parasitic etiologies (Figure 1).
The rate of encephalitis hospitalizations declined for admissions of patients with encephalitis with both known and unknown etiologies (Figure 1).
Although it may be related with a variety of etiologies approximately 50% of aneurysms are associated with congenital heart diseases mostly due to pulmonary hypertension (2, 5).
They also examined diagnosis codes for potential etiologies.
This study was done to classify etiologies in a clinic population and to determine the percentage undiagnosed as to etiology.
All of the previous and proposed treatments described above attempt to address these varied etiologies.
Sekhar explore the biochemical mechanisms, etiologies, and pathological consequences of this condition.