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Although bacterial colonization, implant surface characteristics, hematoma formation and radiation are found to be associated with etiopathogenesis, the cause and pathogenesis is still not known.
Endothelial dysfunction, vasomotor dysfunction, microvascular disease and oxidative stress are suggested to be associated with this clinical entity, although the etiopathogenesis still remains unclear.2 Free radicals are molecules that contain at least one unconjugated electron in their outer orbit, and are prone to react with other molecules to pair the unstable and single electron.
Scientists site anything from providing more oxygen to the brain to brain cooling as the reasons why a person yawns but the exact etiopathogenesis remains unclear", Dr.
AD is a neurodegenerative disease in which etiopathogenesis takes place activation and destruction of astrocytes causing S100B release.
To start the study, topics for the study were decided by the faculty--2 main topics with 2 subtopics each, as Fibro-myoma uterus, with 2 subtopics (etiopathogenesis (1)-1st lecture and management of fibro-myoma-2nd lecture (2)) and Normal labour with 2 sub-topics (mechanism and stages of labour (3) 3rd lecture and management of all stages of labour (4) 4th lecture.
The etiopathogenesis of TOH may include microvascular injury nontraumatic reflex sympathetic dystrophy metabolic factors, viral infection, neurological factors, and endocrine factors (3).
Many studies have investigated a number of different molecules and their participation in pathologic pathways; however, the etiopathogenesis of cholesteatoma remains to be established [1].
Despite the advances in etiopathogenesis, treatment of blepharospasm is still symptomatic.
Since the individual, familial, and global burden of GAD is associated with serious consequences, the available etiological findings are insufficient to explain the etiopathogenesis of this disorder (2).
Based on this information, the aim of the present study was to investigate the relationship between ADHD and the suPAR molecule, which is a stabilizing inflammatory marker, to contribute to the etiopathogenesis of ADHD, and to gain a new perspective on treatment methods.