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Aside from these book some authentic dictionaries of Urdu, too, give etymologies.
--2013, Studies in Uralic Etymology I: Saami Etymologies.--LU XLIX, 161-174.
The first modern edition of the Etymologies was published by W.
There are also acronyms in associated slang or informal jargon, and some of these have false etymologies. For example, consider the group of derogatory epithets for obnoxious or undesirable patients (or other persons).
Similarly with etymologies. Here are three extensive ones, starting with BANDAR-LOG: Etymology: Hindi badar monkey + log people; from the portrayal of the monkey race as chatterers and poseurs in the jungle stories of Rudyard Kipling died 1936 English writer--more at LOG
(71) Although I have made very little of Tooke's reliance on Anglo-Saxon for his etymologies, and his claims to the historical, and so "causal," priority of Anglo Saxon, this sense of an impending rediscovery of buried political truths is born out, on a more traditional level, in his Gothicism.
DOSAE stresses that "the etymologies remain unknown".
Maltby, A Lexicon of Ancient Latin Etymologies [Leeds, 1991], s.v.
The three stated goals of this book are to provide an interpretation of the Cratylus which determines the roles Hermogenes and Cratylus play in the argument; to do justice to the dialogue's etymologies; and to assess the value of its aporetic conclusions.
On the walls Fabo inscribed in his calligraphic hand personal and dictionary etymologies of words like "erratic," a word that refers not only to a geological formation but also to the serendipity with which connections are formed.
The derivation of the term is unknown, all of the suggested etymologies being pure guesswork.