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This revised etymology need not affect how we understand the synchronic semantics of eldritch in Older Scots, nor is this the place for their full reassessment.
This array of data leads us to conclude that Johnson's proposed etymology of gibberish is clearly erroneous.
In the case of Turkic, an earlier etymology connects *bulut to *bulga- 'to stir up, to make muddy': Turkish bulan- 'become cloudy or turbid', Uyghur bulya- 'make turbid, make muddy, contaminate'; cf.
Of course, usually some fable is presented to support the etymology.
7) it is first stated that the etymology is "obscure", but thereafter: "might belong together with either (1) the word hahk 'grey' or (2) ask 'trash, rubbish' or (3) hahkatama 'to pant'.
Understanding someone's psychology, getting further inside a personality, broadens one's understanding of that individual in the way that an understanding of etymology heightens awareness of the dynamic and slippery nature of language.
Ross argues that here Vergil 'recognizes' the etymology of
Of uncertain etymology, the word may reflect an original link with folk dance.
All Lyceum products are marketing under the Get A Clue brand and utilize the company's patented WATS System, an inductive learning process based on etymology and critical thinking skills.
Cardinal men and scarlet women; a colorful etymology of words that discriminate.
It explores with substantial learning and meticulous philological care every proposed female name in the Rig Veda and in the Avesta, paying particular attention to possible etymology (/-ies), formation (compound type, etc.
Largely independent essays aimed at readers with some familiarity with programming shed light on themes including: initial forays into user interface design, the history of the GlobalAlloc function, backward compatibility, Windows etymology, and Win32 design issues, among other topics.