eucalyptus globulus

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Eucalyptus tress are some of the tallest in the world. They don’t like cold. The bark is usually peeling off in loose stringy or papery strips. Young leaves are often blue-grey on square stems. Mature leaves are shiny, very thin green ovals on round stems. Creamy white flowers, sometimes pink. Leaves can be made into tea or steam distilled to extract oil, which is a powerful antiseptic used to treat gum disease, burns, insect repellant. The essential oil, breathed in a steam, will help clear the nasal passages, as will the steam from boiling the leaves. A small drop on the tongue eases nausea. Oil-soaked cloths placed in cabinets and closets keeps roaches and insects away. Originally from Australia, this fast-growing invasive tree is taking over southern California.
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Zim's Advanced Vapor Rub is 100% natural and contains menthol, arnica extract, aloe vera, camphor, coconut oil, white beeswax and eucalyptus globulus. Perfecta noted that the formula provides a natural alternative for parents not wanting to use chemical products on their children.