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(cell and molecular biology)
The portion of the chromosomes that stains with low intensity, uncoils during interphase, and condenses during cell division.
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(also active chromatin), the portion of the chromatin that retains the uncoiled form of elementary deoxyribonucleoprotein (DNP) threads in the interval between cell divisions (that is, in the interphase), as opposed to the portion of the chromatin known as heterochromatin, which retains the coiled form. Euchromatin also differs from heterochromatin in that it participates in the intensive synthesis of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and contains a larger quantity of nonhistone proteins. Euchromatin contains not only DNP but also ribonucleoprotein granules, which have a diameter of 200–500 angstroms and serve to complete the maturation of the RNA and its transfer into the cytoplasm. Euchromatin contains most of the structural genes of an organism (seeCHROMOSOME).

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The tramadol withdrawal for 1 week showed some enhancement as the adrenal cortex in group III showed ZG cells with euchromatic nuclei of irregular outlines and peripheral clumps of heterochromatin, an apparent increase in lipid droplets, and mitochondria with intact cristae more or less as the control.
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The tomato genome sequence, published a year later than the potato sequence, confirmed remarkable synteny with the potato genome (8.7 % sequence divergence between homologous euchromatic regions) with nine large and several smaller inversions (The Tomato Genome Consortium, 2012), providing evolutionary data relating to these two sister clades.
Control rats showed normal epithelial cells with regularly arranged columnar cells and large rounded euchromatic nuclei.
In these sections for each of these nuclei, the neurons, identified by the euchromatic nucleus having one or two nucleoli and Nissl substance in the cell body, were drawn on a translucent paper with the help of a camera lucida drawing tube using a 100x objective.
This species has been preferred as a model organism for legume biology because it has a small diploid (2n = 16) genome (500-550 Mbp total and200-250 Mbp to be sequenced in gene-rich euchromatic regions), is self-fertile, has a rapid generation time and prolific seed production, and is amenable to genetictransformation (Erayman et al., 2014; Young et al., 2005;Barker et al., 1990; Chabaud et al., 2003; AraAjo et al.,2004; Crane et al., 2006).However, there are not adequate number of microsatellites available for Onobrychis.