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see smeltsmelt,
common name for a small, slender fish of the family Osmeridae. Most species are marine, but some ascend freshwater streams to spawn and others are landlocked in lakes. The rainbow or American smelt, Osmerus mordax, averages 10 in. (25 cm) in length and 1 lb (.
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He also traded lumber for traditional commodities such as eulachon grease (March 1889).
Throughout the summer, these ambitious mariners crisscrossed Hecate Strait, trading for eulachon oil to enrich their diet and raiding for captive slaves to enrich their economy.
Alaskan Natives report that the whales feed there on migrating fish, predominantly eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus) and Pacific salmon (Huntington, 2000), which have been identified in stomach contents of harvested whales (Moore et al.
A common autumn treat among the Tsimsian of Canada's west coast is a mixture of blueberries and a fat made from the boiled oil of the eulachon fish.
The confluence of land and water ensured a bountiful food supply for the inhabitants, who fished for salmon, halibut, cod, and the small, oily fish known as eulachon.
5) The candlefish, also called the eulachon (YOU-leh-kon)
Along the Northwest Pacific coast, into Alaska, heavy runs of salmon, dried for year-round supply, were eaten with eulachon fish oil, supplemented by halibut, other fish, cultivated roots and tubers, berries, and mountain game.
Eagles are attracted to the Copper River Delta by huge runs of little schooling fish called eulachon (pronounced "hooligan").
in the pre-contact time period, except with respect to eulachon grease.
Of these 10 species, 5 have been recorded from the inland marine waters of the Salish Sea, including Puget Sound and the Straits of Juan de Fuca and Georgia (Hart 1973): Whitebait Smelt (Allosmerus elongatus), Surf Smelt (Hypomesus pretiosus), Capelin (Mallotus villosus), Longfin Smelt (Spirinchus thaleichthys), and Eulachon (Thaleichthys pacificus).
The tighter spacing, ODFW reports, keeps out a small, threatened fish called eulachon.
4] microsatellites in geoduck or eulachon (data not shown) at RT.