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Pops uses it in a simplistic and euphemistic way to express his opinion that white people expect to financially exploit black people while ensuring that they conduct their lives separately from them.
The euphemistic expression "Mokungu Siomasiomi" (a footloose wandering woman) a song, which literally refers to a woman with the tendency of frequenting other people's houses, considered a negative habit.
(The book would lose nothing if the occasional outbursts of euphemistic swearing--'Ohhh!
In certain parts of the world east of here, they still are dictators, but with the euphemistic appellation of "King", which confers an anaesthetising acceptance of their existence.
Contrary to the common trope of Americans as political ignoramuses (or "low-information voters," in the euphemistic language of scholarship and punditry), Graber (political science, U.
In order to show the specificity of the hypothesized disinhibitory effect of the HO manipulation, we also developed "neutral" analogues to the "erotic details" and "explicit language" categories--that is, details not directly connected to the erotic narrative, and the use of euphemistic language when referring to sexually intimate acts or body parts, respectively.
Keyes said it's not a stretch to suggest that euphemistic language helped the financial shenanigans of recent years to go on undetected.
Contradicting the claims made by advocates of politically correct language, linguist Armin Burkhardt explains that "as long as the prevailing taboo or discrimination prevails, another euphemism will be found or created by the speakers to replace the expression which is no longer felt to be euphemistic, and so on.
The fuzzy-headed, euphemistic language that is used by many of the ORT advocates, such as "medication-assisted recovery," is particularly concerning when applied to long-term maintenance therapy.
Here is the reality of manned space flight, of which NASA will speak, when compelled, in only euphemistic terms.
Mr Gibson's use of the word outmoded, far from being euphemistic, is exactly right.