euphotic zone

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euphotic zone:

see oceanocean,
interconnected mass of saltwater covering 70.78% of the surface of the earth, often called the world ocean. It is subdivided into four (or five) major units that are separated from each other in most cases by the continental masses. See also oceanography.
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2b); in both areas, the peaks were located into the euphotic zone and below the thermocline.
pH and DO in the vertical profiles were highest in the euphotic zone, while alkalinity, SRP, and DIN were highest in the aphotic zone (Table 2).
However, during the whole sampling period the Secchi disc depth measured was high, indicating that the euphotic zone always reached the sediment, favoring the germination of seeds in the diaspore bank.
These include diverse microborings attributable to green algae and cyanobacteria; these photoautotrophs indicate a relatively strong light source, suggestive of shallow euphotic zone III (e.g., Vogel et al.
Euphotic depths (the depth at which 1% of the surface irradiance is detected) estimated using vertical extinction coeffcients calculated from Secchi depths seem to indicate that the vertical extent of the euphotic zone was always shallower than 2 m.
The euphotic zone, the depth at which 1% of visible light remains, was estimated from the [K.sub.dPAR] value.
Although the larvae can develop on a diet of unicellular algae, they cannot tolerate temperatures in the euphotic Zone where this food occurs.
Chlorophyll a concentrations were calculated for the euphotic zone (1.7 times of SD) (Reynolds 1984).
The euphotic zone is defined as the layer in which the surface value of photosynthetically active region (PAR) is attenuated to the level of 1% of the incoming light (Tilzer, 1989).
About 300 of the terms are new or revised for this edition, including aragonite, biogeochemical cycling, euphotic zone, Global Ocean Observing System, International Polar Year, marine snow, sea ice biome, and trace metals.
"He had the clever idea that eddies were perturbing the layers of the water column, mixing different waters, and bringing nutrients up from below." The upwelling of nutrients into the euphotic zone (the top 330 feet or 100 meters of the ocean, where light penetrates) would stimulate prodigious blooms of phytoplankton, which attract zooplankton and other animals up the food chain.