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The microstructure that results when a metal of eutectic composition solidifies.
(physical chemistry)
An alloy or solution that has the lowest possible constant melting point.



a liquid system that, at a given pressure, is in equilibrium with solid phases whose number is equal to the number of components of the system. The liquid system may be a solution or a melt. According to the phase rule, the solidification of a eutectic system occurs at constant temperature, as does the solidification of pure substances. Hence, upon solidification, a eutectic mixture of solid phases having the same composition is formed. For a given system, the melting point of the eutectic mixture is lower than the melting point of a mixture of any other composition.

The eutectic reaction is characteristic of both metallic and non-metallic systems whose components are completely soluble in one another in the liquid state but are only partly soluble or insoluble in the solid state (seeBINARY SYSTEMS and TERNARY SYSTEM). In the phase diagram of a binary eutectic system whose components are not soluble in one another in the solid state (see Figure 1), the liquidus lines TAE and TBE of the pure components A and B, respectively, intersect at E, which is called the eutectic point. At E, the liquid L is simultaneously saturated in both components.

Figure 1. Phase diagram of a binary eutectic system whose components are not soluble in one another in the solid state: (FEG) eutectic-temperature line

In engineering, eutectics are widely used as, for example, casting alloys and solders. Cryohydrates, which are eutectic aqueous salt systems, are often used as freezing mixtures.


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For such specific application the most suitable refrigerating system is so called eutectic system.
The eutectic phase is characterized and quantified in terms of the development of eutectic cells size and number of eutectic cells.
In reviewing the mechanisms of eutectic modification in Al-Si alloys, several researchers [6-8] have reported that many of the hypotheses proposed in the literature assume that (a) the eutectic Si phase nucleates on the primary [alpha]-Al dendrites and (b) the modifier inhibits the growth of the Si phase, causing the transformation of the Si particle morphology from plate-like to fibrous.
The commonly seen local adverse effects of tetracaine- lidocaine eutectic mixture include erythema, edema and blanching.
Gilbert and colleagues developed a formulation containing lidocaine, thymol and ethanol in specific ratios that improved EMLA's eutectic absorption effect.
Although one may over-cool the stored products to create a small load shifting capability, using the Latent Heat Capacity of the Eutectic TES one can increase the thermal energy storage capacity by as much as 10-15 times for a given volume.
In the eutectic ILs phase, it consists of nitrogen cations and anions complex, in these structures, the weak interactions of the nitrogen cations with the anions complex, and the large radius ratios, make possible break away of cation from anion relation, and cation motion quantities can turn out to be greater.
One of the dreams of the authors is to eventually make a eutectic spray with which they could spray any object of interest and, for example, make it invisible.
Eutectic (or leaded) and lead-free designs are widely different.
The Pd wire should not come into contact with silicious refractories as they may form a Pd-Si eutectic with a melting temperature of 816[degrees]C that weakens the wire.