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(1) The removal of wounded or sick personnel and prisoners of war as well as inoperative or superfluous equipment or captured materiel from combat areas to the rear.

(2) The withdrawal of troops from areas of military occupation, for military or political reasons or as the result of the conclusion of an agreement or a treaty.

(3) The removal of civilians, businesses, institutions, and property as well as valuables, such as works of art, from an area threatened by enemy attack or stricken by a natural disaster, such as a flood.

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SAMS advocacy manager Mohamad Katoub said in a tweet that five had been approved for the first group of evacuations, part of a deal on an exchange of detainees between Assad's government and rebel group Jaish al-Islam.
Help make the use of smoke evacuation devices and supplies an easy and seamless practice.
The reports further added that the Syrian army and militants have started talks in al-Qaboun to pave the ground for the evacuation of gunmen and their family members and relocate them to Idlib.
Table 1 summarizes previous work evaluating strategies to improve evacuation traffic flow; Table 2 lists studies of CVs that relate to evacuation; and Table 3 includes a review of research on the issues and solutions related to CVs.
The analytical methodologies and simulation are necessary and competent to evaluate emergency evacuation by collecting and calibrating parameters in metro stations where there are several exits, many facilities, complex layouts, and heavy transportation load.
'So far, 14 families or 46 persons are still inside the evacuation centers in Dilasag while 194 families or 631 are outside the evacuation.
Evacuation risk can apply to floods, fires, dam breaks, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other emergencies.
David Gazashvili, country director for CARE International, said the exercise tested how well the local government and communities developed and executed their preparedness and evacuation plan.
Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar said he had ordered the fast implementation of the four evacuation facilities located in the Municipality of Cabatangan in Zamboanga City; Municipalities of Labangan and Dinas in Zamboanga del Sur; and in the Municipality of Siocon in Zamboanga del Norte.