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(1) The removal of wounded or sick personnel and prisoners of war as well as inoperative or superfluous equipment or captured materiel from combat areas to the rear.

(2) The withdrawal of troops from areas of military occupation, for military or political reasons or as the result of the conclusion of an agreement or a treaty.

(3) The removal of civilians, businesses, institutions, and property as well as valuables, such as works of art, from an area threatened by enemy attack or stricken by a natural disaster, such as a flood.

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He said the provincial government had decided to set up a Sindh Evacuee Trust Board and its draft had been approved by the Sindh cabinet recently.
He said that the Evacuee Trust Properties which were previously being managed by the Evacuee Trust Property Board now needs to be made managed by the provincial government through legislation.
Fifteen to 20 of them have fallen ill and are being treated at the shelter away from the other evacuees.
On behalf of Hindu community, he suggested to utilize 50% of income generated through open auction of evacuee property to get rid of foreign debts.
He asserted that desired amount can be acquired through auction of evacuee trust property within 3 to 12 months for retiring foreign loans.
The control volume model assumes that each evacuee is an independent particle while neglecting the differences of attributes among individuals.
Most striking to host families was the personal appearance of many evacuees. Head lice and skin disease were common.
Pupils dressed up as wartime evacuees, and had a visit by volunteers of the Allied Forces Movement Control Northern Command re-enacters, from Pickering.
Muhammad Abdu, another evacuee, said he sent his 10-member family to a place safely away from the center of action and they were now staying with relatives.
No mention was made either of the horrific physical and sexual abuse suffered by some of the evacuee children at the hands of their foster carers.
TV presenter Michael Aspel attended wearing a brown paper label identifying him as an evacuee, as did all those attending.
YEAR 6 have been working hard learning about the life of an evacuee in World War 2, to help them learn even more, the children will be sent back in time for a day!