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1. French law the transference of a case from an inferior court for adjudication by a higher tribunal
2. another word for induction


(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Used in Ceremonial Magic, an evocation is a command, or summons, to a spirit to appear. It differs from an invocation, as used in Wiccan rituals, in that the latter is a request or invitation, not a command.

A spirit evoked by a Ceremonial Magician is summoned into a specially drawn triangle marked with signs and words of power to contain it there. In order to make the spirit appear, the magician must go through a long and elaborate ritual in which the spirit is evoked by words of power, by cajoling, by threats, by calling him by all the many names by which he may be known, and with gestures. It can be a long and draining ritual, and there is no guarantee that the spirit will appear.

The rituals of ceremonial magic are contained in a grimoire, or book of magic, and are usually in Latin, Greek, or a mixture of the two. Various "magical" words from unknown tongues may also be used. The tools used in the conjuring are prepared to detailed instructions given in these grimoires. The practice of evocation is considered extremely dangerous, both by the magicians themselves and by Witches.

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La idea del espiritu superior enferma la totalidad del relato de Gertrudis Gomez de Avellaneda, pero es quizas el momento mas dramatico de su defensa de la leyenda de la nacion de las encomiendas y de las haciendas (de la leyenda de la dominacion evocable, sustentada en la imagen del esclavo feliz y de la estampa del amo de justicia inconmensurable) la conversacion de los oidos dispuestos y las manos llenas que se da en un juego simbolico entre el paraiso estatico (el jardin) y el paraiso en movimiento (la hacienda y sus rutinas):
La primera descripcion de los PE fue realizada por Walter y otros en 1960, quienes llegaron a mostrar una onda lenta negativa, evocable despues de un estimulo (S1) asociado a la realizacion de una tarea sensorial (S2), a la cual denominaron "variante contingente negativa" (VCN).
Failed communion with nature takes the form of the blockage of apostrophe, as a vocabulary of negation and privation saturates Hyperion's formulations: "nicht," "kein," "nimmer." Nature is not "his," not evocable through poetic address, and is only referentially accessible through an artificial name that fails to enhance the natural world poetically.