evolution strategy

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evolution strategy

(ES) A kind of evolutionary algorithm where individuals (potential solutions) are encoded by a set of real-valued "object variables" (the individual's "genome"). For each object variable an individual also has a "strategy variable" which determines the degree of mutation to be applied to the corresponding object variable. The strategy variables also mutate, allowing the rate of mutation of the object variables to vary.

An ES is characterised by the population size, the number of offspring produced in each generation and whether the new population is selected from parents and offspring or only from the offspring.

ES were invented in 1963 by Ingo Rechenberg, Hans-Paul Schwefel at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) while searching for the optimal shapes of bodies in a flow.
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Evolution Strategy boosts net present value and generates cut-off grade optimisation policies.
The evolution strategy employed was es ([mu] + [lambda]), where a set of [mu] parents are used to create a [lambda] offspring in each generation.
Evolution Strategy increases its efficiency of finding the optimum by 80 percent on the De Jong 30 simulation model and by 58 percent on the Ackley 10 simulation model if a maximum of 100,000 x n simulation experiments were performed.
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The two major paradigms of EA, genetic algorithm and evolution strategy, are discussed in the following sections.
The case of the Simulated Annealing algorithm for optimisation is considered as a simple evolution strategy with a control parameter allowing balance between the probability of obtaining an optimal or near-optimal solution and the time that the algorithm will take to reach equilibrium.
The epicRealm XT-S 400 manifests the overall product evolution strategy by addressing the scalable needs at the central site.
Our Futures Evolution Strategy Fund looks to address these market conditions by offering a proven track record and a unique blend of some of the industry's leaders in futures and active fixed income," Osborne added.
To enhance agility and efficiency, operators have begun developing a future-proof network evolution strategy Network 2020.
In [11], an UWB microstrip antenna is designed based on differential evolution strategy (DES) [12].
The solution is in trials with South Korean wireless operator LG Uplus as part of its 5G and Internet of Things network evolution strategy.

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