examination system

examination system:

see Chinese examination systemChinese examination system,
civil service recruitment method and educational system employed from the Han dynasty (206 B.C.–A.D. 220) until it was abolished by the Ch'ing dowager empress Tz'u Hsi in 1905 under pressure from leading Chinese intellectuals.
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Contract notice: Press and handling of materials in the national examination system and international studies.
Shahbaz Sharif directed that the programme of computerization of examination system be accelerated as it will help ensure complete transparency in the examination system.
Divergence from the traditional GCSE model in England has increased speculation Wales and Northern Ireland could also break from the existing examination system.
Dr Boston, in his first major speech since arriving from Australia to take up the post on September 12, warned: 'The currently fragile examination system could not sustain any major problems with the supply of markers, excessive timetable clashes or unmarked scripts.
Two thirds of people who rang our phone poll said the downgrading of the exam results had damaged the examination system.
Yaseen said new modules had been added to training courses for constable to sub-inspector ranks with respect to their duties and special attention was being paid to modernize the examination system with semester system.
Talking to journalists here, he said that more steps had been taken to bring further improvement in examination system.
This project will ensure the transparency in the examination system in the boards due to which the quality of education would be improved, he added.
Islamabad -- A special meeting of the National Committee on Examination System (NCES) was organized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to finalize Policy Guidelines for Implementation of Uniform Semester Examination System in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of Pakistan.
SIR - In respect of the reappraisal of the GCSE examinations, it must be recognised that the perfect examination system will never exist.
The A-level fiasco could cost Britain hundreds of millions of pounds in lost contracts with overseas institutes if faith in the Britain's examination system is not restored, a senior MP warned yesterday.

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