excess current


An electrical current which is abnormally high, usually as a result of a short circuit.
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This is accomplished by sending the excess current into the earth by way of a ground wire.
This process will enable economically viable transformation of excess current and off-gas carbon dioxide (CO2) into the chemical energy storage methanol in small-scale, delocalized production units.
com)-- Connection failures can be caused by various reasons, such as excess temperature, excess current or voltage, mechanical shock, stress and impact.
A LITTLE-known secret is that big name furniture retailers sell anonymously excess current season stock at out-of-town locations for up to 50 per cent off the high street price.
Interactive what-if visualization is helpful in providing users with cues about insufficient power or excess current density.
This assumes that excess current in one fuse is shed to the other, creating a state of equilibrium.
This is a small cylindrical component that acts as a capacitor by soaking up any excess current that finds its way into the system.
Luckily, the circuit breaker senses the excess current and "trips" to stop the flow of power before damage occurs.
It also combines telephone line surge protection and an excess current detection feature, which identifies potentially dangerous current conditions that may damage notebook modems on a telephone line.
Additionally, the parts include an external, programmable soft-start control input, which reduces excess current during initial power-up of the application.
Low soil resistance in the earth pits is critical to ground the excess current in the event of a fault.