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(37) In CARS excitation, the pump and Stokes fields coherently drive all resonant oscillators in the excitation volume at [[omega].sub.p] [[omega].sub.s], generating a third-order polarization at the anti-Stokes frequency.
A requisite of paramount importance for single fluorescent molecule detection is the reduction of the excitation volume of the molecule in order to discriminate the signal emitted by a single molecule among the signal arising from surrounding molecules, which acts as an interfering background [28].
All photosensitization studies were successful in producing singlet oxygen and TPE was found to be efficient in producing singlet oxygen in a small excitation volume as compared to OPE.
Auger electron emission occurs within the same excitation volume; however, inelastic scattering in the solid prevents subsurface Auger electrons from contributing to the peaks in the Auger spectrum.