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They concluded that the extent of the exclusion area was appropriate at that time, though the report didn't rule out extending the area following a further investigation.
In the exclusion area, 50% of species were barochorous, 33% anemochorous and just 17 % zoochorous.
State Assembly Housing Committee chair Vito Lopez, D-North Brooklyn/Ridgewood, said at least seven of his colleagues want to amend the lines of the exclusion area within their districts when the Legislature comes back in session this winter.
Commissioned officers exclude up to the maximum enlisted pay plus imminent danger pay for the months they serve in a combat zone tax exclusion area.
A 200-metre exclusion area has been created around the set as firefighters dampen it down.
The active portion at the head of the accelerator is shielded, and the exclusion area during operation is 14 feet, Akers said.
The Midlands jumping track has staged only one of its eight scheduled fixtures since December 2, originally because of frost and waterlogging, and then because sheep being grazed on site by a tenant farmer placed it within a BHB exclusion area.
As pregnant women queue for scans for radiation after Thursday's near-catastrophic nuclear leak in Japan, Maria's mother Lydia cuddles her baby in a wooden hut in the "Dead Zone" - a 20-mile exclusion area thrown around the nuclear power station.
Establishing an initial "exclusion area" of a 300-foot radius constitutes a good rule to follow.
Las nuevas sanciones se sumaron a las aprobadas en 1991 tras la guerra del Golfo Persico, durante la cual una fuerza militar multinacional encabezada por Washington expulso las tropas iraquies de Kuwait, aplasto la defensa en territorio de Irak y determino una zona de exclusion area al norte (paralelo 36) y sur de este pais (paralelo 32), la cual fue ampliada en 1996 por Washington al paralelo 33.
Kilvington was jailed for three years and given a five-year restraining order banning her from contacting the victim or entering an exclusion area.
A master of a coastal trading vessel was convicted and fined $5000 in the Cairns Magistrates Court last week for being in charge of a ship that entered a shipping exclusion area in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.