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The second, lower-priced option would require assent to the exclusionary provision.
Put simply, an Exclusionary Provision is an agreement between competitors that results in practices such as market sharing (e.
The CAU has the purpose or effect of substantially lessening competition in the relevant market This is a form of "catch all" provision that is aimed at any capturing anti-competitive conduct that does not fall within the definition of an Exclusionary Provision.
However, a provision that is clear and unambiguous "should be enforced according to its terms whether it is a basic policy provision or an exclusionary provision.
Japan's child care and nursing care holiday law does not apply to part-time workers, temp staff and contract workers, although a lawyer for Hassell said the exclusionary provision is a big issue for working women and its legality will be challenged in court for the first time.
dismissal was in violation of the law and that the exclusionary provision violates the International Labor Organization treaty.
28) The appellate court considered the exclusionary provision to be absolute, with only two explicitly proscribed exceptions.
95) The Court established the presumption that "absent some affirmative indication that the agreement was entered into unknowingly or involuntarily, an agreement to waive the exclusionary provisions of the plea-statement Rules is valid and enforceable.
However, even if exclusionary provisions apply, we saw with Hurricane Sandy that there can be overwhelming political and regulatory pressure on insurers to refrain from relying on exclusionary language at times of widespread loss.
These rules were issued after proposed regulations (3) that contained the COI and COBE exclusionary provisions and four requirements needed to qualify a transaction as an F reorganization.
Zoning must be consistent with planning under our proposal to retain the exclusionary provisions.
It included unnecessarily punitive and exclusionary provisions that infringed too much on freedom of expression and repressed other cultural traditions in Quebec.