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According to the article, executive education programs across the country are growing rapidly and now play a strategic role they never had before.
However, the second major component--relevant experience and content knowledge--can put a physician executive from a different sector at a disadvantage.
So if CEOs and researchers alike note intelligence as the key to executive success, why is finding the individuals who possess it so frustratingly hit or miss?
Executive education delivers tangible and intangible benefits for Latin American companies.
Executive education and EMBA programs are blending face time with Web time.
The tax law has not changed; the Service is just refocusing on executive compensation, which, in recent years, has become more complicated to administer.
The Executive Board shall consist of the President, the Vice President, the Executive Director, the Treasurer, the following ex officio members: the trustees, the ACLS delegate, and the ex-president in the two years succeeding his or her term of office; and the Chairs of the six standing committees, as follows: 1.
These include executive management rights in collective bargaining, major observations for good employee relations, and five political statesmanship blueprints.
In 1999, Headley was elected executive vice president and was given added responsibility for Gates McDonald, Nationwide Health Plans and Medicare.