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executive order,

in the United States, official document initiated and signed by the president containing directives concerning how the executive branch shall carry out its responsibilities under the laws and Constitution; similar orders also may be issued by the governors of states. Executive orders express the president's priorities for how best to use the federal government's powers and resources, and often are used to establish a new approach for dealing with politically contentious issues after a change in administrations. Once an executive order is signed by the president, it is numbered and published in the Federal Register, the daily journal of the U.S. government, which makes its directives legally binding on the employees and agencies of the executive branch; prior to the 20th cent. executive orders were not numbered. Executive orders cannot be used to make new laws or allocate new funds, although already available money may be reallocated to fulfill an executive order. They are subject to review by the courts, and Congress can overturn a president's executive order with two-thirds support from the Senate and the House. A sitting president can also issue a new executive order that nullifies one issued by a previous president.

Probably the best-known executive order is President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation ProclamationEmancipation Proclamation,
in U.S. history, the executive order abolishing slavery in the Confederate States of America. Desire for Such a Proclamation

In the early part of the Civil War, President Lincoln refrained from issuing an edict freeing the slaves despite
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 (1863). Among other notable executive orders are President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 1942 order during World War II that authorized the internmentinternment,
in international law, detention of the nationals or property of an enemy or a belligerent. A belligerent will intern enemy merchant ships or take them as prize, and a neutral should intern both belligerent ships that fail to leave its ports within a specified time
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 of U.S. citizens of Japanese ancestry and President Dwight Eisenhower's 1957 order that sent federal troops into Little Rock, Ark., to enforce the desegregation of its public schools.

Other types of executive actions include presidential memorandums, which are similar to executive orders and also need to be published in the Federal Register in order to be legally binding. Memorandums, however, are not numbered, and sometimes are not published, in which case they remain guidelines. Presidential proclamations and national security directives are other ways in which presidents may take unilateral action; presidential proclamations, for example, have been used to establish national monuments and to acknowledge the celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

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The executive order shall take effect immediately upon its issuance.
'What the Executive Order has unwittingly done is to leave honest and innocent Nigerians most vulnerable to the unrestrained murderous and blood-letting activities of marauders, herdsmen, Terrorists, armed robbers and kidnappers.
The CID was created in the late 2000s to counter terrorism under an executive order and has now been abolished under an executive order, he added.
The new Executive Order comes at the time there is a continuous and persistent declines in the prices of and demand for Liberia's primary export goods of rubber, iron ore and timber.
Tittel praised Murphy's executive order because it would offer environmental protections for the state which has some of the highest levels of polluted and Superfund sites at a time when the Trump-era Environmental Protection Agency is cutting many regulations.
Under the new MOA, a tax regulatory action will be subject to review by OIRA under Executive Order 12866 if it is likely to result in a rule that may "have an annual non-revenue effect on the economy of $100 million or more, measured against a no-action baseline." A rule that meets this standard is considered "economically significant" and will be subject to additional rulemaking and analytical requirements--including the performance of a full Regulatory Impact Analysis.
"LSK has listed about 20 commissions as well as government departments and offices which were part of the executive order issued earlier this month.They were placed under Cabinet Secretaries for Interior, education, lands as well as Public Service, Youth and Gender.
'We're relying on the previous Executive Order while executing our mandate,' one CS told the Star on Friday.
Based on 3 November 1997 declaration of national emergency on Sudan, President George Bush issued the Executive Order 13400 of April 26, 2006, blocking property of persons in connection with the conflict in Sudan's Darfur region.
After courts rejected his earlier attempts to impose sweeping restrictions on refugees and travelers from majority-Muslims countries, Trump in September unveiled a new executive order indefinitely banning travelers from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad, and North Korea.
The result of Obama's mission was an executive order called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

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