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a. written instructions from a physician, dentist, etc., to a pharmacist stating the form, dosage strength, etc., of a drug to be issued to a specific patient
b. the drug or remedy prescribed
2. (of drugs) available legally only with a doctor's prescription
a. written instructions from an optician specifying the lenses needed to correct defects of vision
b. (as modifier): prescription glasses
4. Law
a. the uninterrupted possession of property over a stated period of time, after which a right or title is acquired (positive prescription)
b. the barring of adverse claims to property, etc., after a specified period of time has elapsed, allowing the possessor to acquire title (negative prescription)
c. the right or title acquired in either of these ways
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written instructions from a physician to a pharmacy for the preparation and issuance of a medicine and also containing directions on how to administer the medicine. Prescriptions are written according to definite forms and rules. A simple prescription is written for a single medicinal substance, and a compound prescription is written for a medicine that consists of two or more ingredients. A prescription is a legal document, since it makes it possible to verify whether a medicine has been prepared correctly.

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Exercise Prescription for Pediatric Patients with Hypertension (HTN)
Migliaccio et al., "Response to: Comment on "Differences in ventilatory threshold for exercise prescription in outpatient diabetic and sarcopenic obese subjects"," International Journal of Endocrinology, vol.
The author therefore suggests that a "Submaximal Clinical Exercise Tolerance Test (SXTT)" is most appropriate in the standard physical therapy clinic to provide baseline data and to determine safe and effective exercise prescription parameters.
The conditioning phase should include activity at a predetermined exercise prescription varying the frequency, intensity, and duration of the work.
I once asked my hospital consultant if there was a way of obtaining what might be called an "exercise prescription" from the NHS.
Six lessons in the Alexander technique followed by exercise prescription were also found to be nearly as effective as 24 lessons.
It has enabled the centre, which provides 3,000 treatments a year, to buy specialist computer software to help with exercise prescription. The software allows personalised exercise and information sheets to be given to patients and their carers, ensuring the benefits of carry-over between treatment sessions.
Exercise prescription should again progress toward the goals being set, so long as it is being done in a safe manner and the exercises are being performed properly.
AiDEPT (Advanced Interactive Digital Exercise Prescription Technology) has also been supported by the University of Teesside - which supplied funding as well as personnel and physical resources - and Cels, the North-East's centre of excellence for healthcare and life science, which also supplied funding.
Fred Pernet, managing director of AiDEPT Ltd (Advanced Interactive Digital Exercise Prescription Technology), developed the VAE concept while working at the university.

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