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see physical fitnessphysical fitness,
combined good health and physical development. The object of any program of physical fitness is to maximize an individual's health, strength, endurance, and skill relative to age, sex, body build, and physiology.
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1. US and Canadian a ceremony or formal routine, esp at a school or college
2. Gymnastics a particular type of event, such as performing on the horizontal bar
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The answer to the question was yes, breathing HH would improve exercise tolerance, peak oxygen consumption and HRQOL.
This finding is of interest as exercise physiologists and clinicians studying PVD commonly believe that anaerobic glycolysis and the resultant increase in lactate concentrations in the ischaemic muscles and blood explains why these patients develop the pain of intermittent claudication and why their exercise tolerance is so impaired.
Key words: crataegus extract, crataegus berries, hawthorn, congestive heart failure, exercise tolerance, randomised double-blind placebo controlled trial
Speaking at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association (AHA) held in New Orleans, LA in early November, Menasche said that the patient's clinical status has markedly improved, as evidenced by an increase in exercise tolerance and an improved left ventricular ejection fraction.
If given in large enough doses, they may reduce your maximal exercise tolerance.
Although significant increases in hemoglobin have been observed following rhuEPO treatment, exercise tolerance seems to improve only modestly in nonexercising MHD patients.
It would be prudent to: 1) initially do only a portion of the aerobic section, or 2) do every other repetition until exercise tolerance improves.
Before starting an exercise program, have a complete physical exam, including a standardized exercise tolerance test.
Pentoxyphylline (Trental), 400mg TID with meals, along with decaffeination of diet, may be beneficial, especially if combined with an enteric-coated ASA 325mg tablet twice a week and a graded walking program to improve exercise tolerance.
In one typical study conducted at Baylor College of Medicine, only 40 percent of women with chest pains and poor" exercise tolerance tests proved to have heart disease when dye was injected into their coronary arteries; the comparable figure for men is about 88 percent.
CircuLite recently announced CE Marking approval for the SYNERGY[R] System, which is a micro-pump designed to halt the progression of heart failure and to improve symptoms and exercise tolerance.
Clinical trials have shown that oral arginine supplementation contributes to enhanced exercise tolerance because of its ability to enhance cardiac circulation and vasodilation of blood vessels.

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