exhaust gas temperature

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exhaust gas temperature (gauge) (EGT)

exhaust gas temperature (gauge) (EGT)click for a larger image
Analyzer type EGT gauge.
A device that provides a cockpit readout of the exhaust gas temperature of an aircraft's (piston) engine(s), enabling the pilot to lean the mixture for maximum fuel efficiency.
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deviation 1.7996899 4.1258416 0.0465146 Range 9.5000 51.7000 0.5470 Minimum -1.8000 -21.8000 0.7750 Maximum 7.7000 29.9000 1.3220 Statistics Total air Ground/air Exhaust gas temperature temperature N Valid 1005 1005 1005 Missing 0 0 0 Mean -3.034229 0.87 584.232836 Median -3.300000 1.00 574.500000 Std.
Further, it is necessary to ensure the exhaust gas temperature out of the heat exchanger higher than 200[degrees]C in order to avoid the dew point corrosive phenomenon.
Many LTHW boilers are limited to a turndown of just 2:1 or 3:1 to ensure that the boiler exhaust gas temperatures are maintained above the 130-140[degrees]C required to avoid condensation.
The exhaust gas temperature and flow rate with increasing the engine load is increased.
Another problem can occur when an engine is shut down quickly after being operated at high speed and load where the exhaust gas temperature is maximized.