exhaust-driven turbocharger

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An exhaust-gas-driven air compressor used to increase the power of a reciprocating engine. The exhaust gases drive a small radial-in-flow turbine to drive a centrifugal-type air compressor which, in turn, sends the compressed air into the cylinders. It is located between the air intake and the carburetor. Also called an exhaust-driven turbocharger.
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The belt-driven supercharger operates at low engine speeds, with the exhaust-driven turbocharger coming in as the engine speed increases.
While turbocharging is commonly used to boost the power and torque output of diesel engines, Volkwagen (Wolfsburg, Germany) uses an exhaust-driven turbocharger mainly to provide sufficient excess air for cleaner combustion over the entire engine operating range.
4 litre petrol engine coupled with an engine-driven supercharger and an exhaust-driven turbocharger that delivers around 180bhp coupled with a second-generation seven-speed DSG gearbox.
9L, 6-cylinder, double overhead cam, twin exhaust-driven turbochargers with intercoolers engine gave great balance to the driving experience.