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exposition or exhibition, term frequently applied to an organized public fair or display of industrial and artistic productions, designed usually to promote trade and to reflect cultural progress. Expositions have also been important for their emphasis on scientific and technological innovations. Expositions grew out of the traditional medieval cloth fairs (see fair). Organized exhibitions of fine and industrial arts date back to 18th-century France and England. The international exposition as we know it today began with the exhibition at the Crystal Palace in London in 1851; its huge success inspired a series of international expositions throughout the world. Among the most famous expositions and world's fairs are the following: the Paris international expositions of 1867, 1889 (the Eiffel Tower was built for this occasion), and 1900; the Centennial Exposition at Philadelphia (1876); the World's Columbian Exposition at Chicago (1893); the Louisiana Purchase Exposition at St. Louis (1904); the British Empire Exhibition at Wembley (1924–25); the Century of Progress Exposition at Chicago (1933–34); the Golden Gate International Exposition at San Francisco (1939–40); the two New York world's fairs (1939–40, 1964–65); the Brussels World's Fair (1958); the Century 21 Exposition at Seattle (1962); Expo 67 in Montreal (1967 world's fair); and Expo 70 in Osaka, Japan (1970 world's fair). More recent expositions and world's fairs include those held at Vancouver (1986), Seville (1992), Lisbon (1998), Hanover, Germany (2000), and Shanghai (2010). The Bureau of International Expositions in Paris regulates and sanctions world's fairs and international expositions.
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in art, a display of various works of art, as well as artifacts of material culture or historical documents, that is presented according to a definite system in a museum, in an exhibition hall, or in the open air.

The purpose and tasks of both temporary and permanent exhibitions are to make as clear as possible the artistic or scientific value of the exhibits, their place in the historicocultural process, and their specific features. An exhibition may be arranged without a fixed plan, or the visitor’s viewing route may be taken into account. Today, exhibitions are often provided with equipment designed to preserve the material on view by regulating, for example, temperature and humidity. Labels that provide a brief description of an exhibit are used, as is more extended documentation.

The arrangement of an exhibition is of great importance in art museums; one of the finest museum exhibitions in the USSR is the permanent collection at the Hermitage in Leningrad. Interesting possibilities for arranging works of various types of art—graphic art, painting, sculpture, and applied art—in a single display were discovered when laying out the art sections of the Soviet pavilions at the world’s fairs of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

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Brit an allowance or scholarship awarded to a student at a university or school
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