exit device

panic exit device, fire-exit bolt, panic bolt, panic hardware

panic exit device
A door locking device used on exit doors; the door latch releases when a bar, across the inside of the door, is pushed.
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2 (Single exit device on PC 043-044) The passage of the distillation tunnels in the section of the line st.
From a facilities standpoint, we're trying to take what we already do, which is the general cleaning, and we're utilizing points of reinforcement (about) areas that many, many people touch, such as door handles, crash bars (an exit device on commercial doors), pull bars and handrails.
Dorma, a top manufacturer of door technology systems, has launched an improved exit device to be used in fire escape doors, which will safeguard residents' living in buildings.
For added protection, Castell has also developed the Gatesafe emergency exit device.
For preventing residents from leaving the facility, a delayed-egress magnetic lock and a delayed-egress latching exit device are options.
The narrow stile exit devices also have a full length touch bar which makes it easier for the user to release the latches or bolts of the exit device compared to a partial touch bar.
5 -- Corbin Russwin has introduced FE5400S multi-point exit device latching system.
LiteGuide illuminates the perimeter of the doorframe and the lock or exit device.
Auto operator at interior office door to work with existing electric strike *Auto operator at exterior door, exit device must be unlatched *Auto operator at vestibule door *Wireless surface mounted push button actuators at all three operators inside and outside * Handheld wireless 3 channel Fob to activate all three auto operators *Wiring run through surface mounted wore molding where unable to concealed by existing condition *120VAC at each opening by others *Tie-in fire alarm system at office opening by others(required by code at fire-rated openings) etc.
The Weatherized Exit Device conforms to MIL-STD 810F, Method 509.
This may include latches, screws, rods, rails, exit device parts, arms, cams etc.