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The May test demonstrated the capabilities of the new CE-II Block I Exo-Atmospheric Kill Vehicle and a new three-stage booster rocket.
Interceptors include the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense missile system, or THAAD, which was just deployed in South Korea, the SM-3 missile based of of Aegis-capable naval vessels such as the Arleigh Burke class, and the Exo-atmospheric kill vehicle, or EKV.
Indian pursuit of BMD system is intended as wholesome system catering for all ranges of ballistic missiles, but initially New Dehli has tested endo-atmospheric and exo-atmospheric weapon systems.
Budgetary concerns are now driving a debate about whether to continue production of the exo-atmospheric kill vehicle (EKV), an essential component of modern missile defense.
The Arrow III interceptor successfully launched and flew an exo-atmospheric trajectory through space," Israel's Defence Ministry said in a statement.
The exo-atmospheric interceptor called Spartan employed an X-ray kill mechanism produced by its nuclear warhead.
funding of the Arrow III exo-atmospheric interceptor, to be fielded in 2015, will provide Washington with key insights into the development of a system that, according to senior U.
The Arrow 3 is the upper tier for exo-atmospheric interceptions to provide the state of Israel additional opportunities for interception of incoming missiles from Iran or elsewhere".
The interceptor flew an exo-atmospheric trajectory in line with the test plan, the statement added.
Two launch sites with long-range 51T6 (NATO: SH-11 Gorgon) exo-atmospheric interceptor missiles were deactivated in 2007 as the missiles became obsolete.
While the interceptor designed for endo-atmospheric condition (up to 30 km altitude) is a seven-meter long and single stage solid rocket propelled guided missile, equipped with an inertial navigation system, a hi-tech computer and an electro-mechanical activator under command by the data uplinked from sophisticated ground based radars, the interceptor designed for exo-atmospheric condition is a two stage missile," sources said.