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Due to an external cause; not arising within the organism.
Growing by addition to the outer surfaces.
Pertaining to those factors in the metabolism of nitrogenous substances obtained from food.
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in botany, a term referring to the development of lateral organs in the peripheral cell layers of the main axis of a particular plant organ. Examples of exogenous organs are the leaves that develop in the form of external nodes on the growing point of shoots, root hairs (which are lateral growths of root integuments), and some epidermal growths (trichotomes) of a plant’s aboveground organs.

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Bioconversion of exogenously applied sex steroids has been observed in plants (Hirotani and Furuya, 1974; Young et al., 1977; Young et al., 1979; Janeczko and Skoczowski, 2005).
Results of this study showed that exogenously applied MLE, as seed priming and/or foliar application, improved seedling growth, had an earlier phenological development and delayed leaf senescence with extended photosynthetic active duration.
Recent studies have revealed that exogenously administered ceramide induced apoptosis in A549 (Zhang et al., 2007; Kurinna et al., 2004).
IL-1[beta] expression in the F4/80+ cell fraction was significantly decreased in the presence of exogenously added AM (Figure 5(b)).
In this study, we addressed the two questions: whether and how the exogenously expressed proinsulin influences the distribution of [CD34.sup.+]Sca-1hi and [CD34.sup.+]Sca-1low subpopulations in EML cells.
The present study was carried out to evaluate the potential of exogenously applied AsA and [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] in alleviation of salt stress in rice seedlings and study proline accumulation, antioxidant enzyme activities, endogenous ascorbate content and growth under NaCl stress in the presence of AsA and [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] treatments.
The variables {[[bar.y].sub.t], [[bar.r].sub.t], [[epsilon].sub.t], [[upsilon].sub.t], [[??].sub.t], [bar.U [R.sub.t]], [i.sup.(1)*.sub.t], [[omega].sub.t], [[eta].sub.t], [l.sup.(m).sub.t], [[bar.n].sub.t}, are set exogenously, and intended to capture potentially time varying shocks to the economy.
Wagner, Hulsey, Fanning, Ebeling, and Hollis (2006) compared the serum of infants of lactating patients who supplemented themselves with vitamin D to infants who were both exogenously supplemented with vitamin D and also ingested human milk from supplemented patients.
Finally, (9) establishes a point of reference for the voltage angles by exogenously setting the parameter [slack.sub.n] to the value one for one node in the network.
In fact, in many instances they are set exogenously to the firm, at national or industrial levels.
With probability [sigma](1 - [lambda]), the worker gets exogenously relocated to the leisure island and is not able to come back.