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Due to an external cause; not arising within the organism.
Growing by addition to the outer surfaces.
Pertaining to those factors in the metabolism of nitrogenous substances obtained from food.



in botany, a term referring to the development of lateral organs in the peripheral cell layers of the main axis of a particular plant organ. Examples of exogenous organs are the leaves that develop in the form of external nodes on the growing point of shoots, root hairs (which are lateral growths of root integuments), and some epidermal growths (trichotomes) of a plant’s aboveground organs.

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1994) and the results suggested that testosterone might be associated with the development of male gametophytes; however, pollen viability in flowers developed on plants cultured on the medium with exogenously applied testosterone was highly reduced in our study.
It is well documented that short carbon chain ceramides, C2-C8 may be distributed in the cell compartments and recycled when applied exogenously (Sot et al.
Short-term inflation expectations are set adaptively, where the weights w, and backward looking horizon J, are set exogenously.
When the probability of being exogenously relocated to the leisure island c increases, the option value of waiting decreases because it is more likely that the worker will find himself on the leisure island at the time that the idiosyncratic productivity level z improves.
2](0) > 0 are the values of agricultural and manufacturing labour at time 0 which are exogenously given.
157) The role of exogenously "given" preferences is also evident in third sector's reference to inframarginality, in which each donor has a pre-determined tipping point at which she is willing to pay for a specific quantity of public goods.
In the first we positively shock the path of the UK policy rate, moving it exogenously from the path implied by market rates in January 2013 to that in August 2014.
In the first theory, agents observe the state of the world with exogenously imposed noise; we refer to this environment as the signal extraction (SE) model.
Five plant growth promoters (Moringa leaf extract, Polydol, Multisol, Classic and Asahi star) along with water spray and control were applied exogenously on cotton cv.
Lupus vulgaris (LV) is usually a re-infection of tuberculosis of the skin and this is acquired either exogenously by direct inoculation of the bacilli or endogenously by hematogenous or lymphatic spread from an underlying infected focus.
and treatment assignment is determined by whether one's rating falls above or below an exogenously defined cut-point value of the rating.
Timothy Coville investigates the impact of the exogenously compelled increased use of independent directors, segmented in the following subgroups: