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An enzyme that acts on the terminal peptide bonds of a protein chain.



an enzyme of the hydrolase class. Exopeptidases catalyze the splitting of amino acid residues from an amine or carboxyl end of a protein or peptide molecule. The two main kinds are aminopeptidases and carboxypeptidases.

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The protein extracts by Flavourzyme as an exopeptidase did not have significant effect on cell culture.
Non-proteasome proteases have been divided into exopeptidases and endopeptidases depending on the cleavage position of target proteins.
This avoids MS analysis and interpretation of extremely complex peptide mixtures that might otherwise result from degradation by the omnipresent exopeptidases.
This is a protease preparation containing endo-, exopeptidase and glutaminase that can be used to hydrolyse proteins such as wheat and soya.
Multiple molecular forms of serum amyloid A, related to trimming of the peptide chain by exopeptidase, have been noted by MALDI- or SELDI-TOF MS (30, 46-50).
The identity of target glycopeptides was further confirmed through controlled digestion with exopeptidase and exoglycosidase.
These peaks may represent activity of an endoproteinase followed by an N-terminal exopeptidase, i.
The PEG component of macrosubstrates also may serve as a highly effective protecting group against exopeptidase action to assure that only endoproteinase activity is measured.
Because of its exopeptidase activity, it has been implicated in the metabolism of metenkephalin (18) and angiotensin (Ang) III (17); its endopeptidase activity is also thought to be involved in neurotensin metabolism (19).