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Abnormal protrusion of the eyeball from the orbit.



protrusion of the eyeball. Exophthalmos is most commonly caused by diffuse toxic goiter. It may also be caused by a tumor in the eyeball or adjacent regions, trauma of the eyeball, thrombosis of the orbital veins, and inflammatory diseases. If pronounced, exophthalmos may be accompanied by limited mobility of the eyeball and impairment of vision. Therapy is based on the cause of the condition.

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Repeat radiographs confirmed severe and progressive exophthalmos and buphthalmos (Fig 6) with little change in the appearance of the coelomic mass.
lateral convergent strabismus with exophthalmos and panophthalmitis and acquired conditions viz.
She was initially admitted to the psychosomatic ward where her physical examination revealed a moon face, exophthalmos (abnormally protruding eyeballs), central adiposity, and purple striae on her legs.
Therefore, clinical manifestations could include exophthalmos, interstitial lung disease, diabetes insipida, retroperitoneal fibrosis, and pericardial thickening.
In this study, we present a case of exophthalmos as the one clinical manifestation of FD.
5,6) Other manifestations, which are usually related to the degree of tumor extension, can include headache, dizziness, focal neurologic deficits secondary to direct tumor extension, eye and/ or facial pain, expectoration of tissue, epiphora, vision loss, exophthalmos, and anosmia.
Erdheim-Chester disease is generally bilateral and symmetric and may be associated with interstitial lung disease, xanthogranulomas in the skin, exophthalmos, and diabetes insipidus.
He gives an excellent account, in three female patients, of the triad of enlargement of the thyroid, palpitations of the heart and exophthalmos.
Symptomatology reported in these cases included an increase in intraocular pressure, optic disc hemorrhage, exophthalmos, blindness, eye pain, orbital and eyelid edema, reduced visual acuity, hypersensitivity reaction, swelling, tenderness, and inflammation.
The radiological evaluation of the exophthalmos with cranial CT revealed bilateral retro-orbital pseudotumors, although the thyroidstimulating hormone level was normal (Figure 4).
He had a multinodular goiter and radioactive iodine uptake scan (Iodine 131) showed a toxic nodule (Toxic nodule shows increased iodine uptake while the rest of the gland is suppressed) with no exophthalmos, sensory or cranial nerve deficits.
An intermediate form, Hand-Shuller-Christian disease, is composed of the triad of calvarial lesions, diabetes insipidus, and exophthalmos.