expanded glass

foam glass, cellular glass, expanded glass

A thermal insulation made by foaming softened glass to produce many sealed bubbles; has a closed-cell structure. Molded into board and blocks, usually with a density of about 9 to 10 lb per cu ft (14.4 to 16 kg per cu m).
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jointless acoustic ceiling made of expanded glass granules.
We know that 16 Maple will provide a wonderful living experience, as well as create a fantastic retail opportunity, with an expanded glass corner space on Middle Neck Road that will be unlike any other retail space in the village.
The most striking feature of the new phones is what Samsung dubs an "infinity display" -- an expanded glass screen that covers the entire front of the device and appears to curve seamlessly around its edges.
Among the topics are testing the surface photoactivity of fiber-cement composites, filler from expanded glass as a lightweight component of a cement composite with fiber reinforcement, dielectric spectral differences for concrete with shredded automobile tires as an admixture, the occurrence of cyanobacteria and green algae on facades of historical sacral buildings, and the effect of admixture dosage and specimen age on the mechanical fracture parameters of lime mortars with enhanced burnt clays.
Below-grade insulation is based on a product called Poraver, which are expanded glass balls made from recycled glass.
In addition to the expanded glass board business, the company attributed the strong results to cost reductions, price hikes and an extraordinary profit of 24.33 billion yen due to returning the portion of pension assets managed by its employee pension fund on behalf of the government.
Marketing agent for expanded glass spheres in sizes from 0.5-1 mm to 10-20 mm.
Stop lammstrae: - ventilated acoustic ceiling made of expanded glass granules in the area of the platforms, With substructure, Approx.
acoustic panels as a sandwich element with mineral wool core, Non-combustible, Covering layer of expanded glass granules fully bonded, Coated with silicate plaster, 10 500 m 2 .
8 000 m 2 - openings for installation parts and inspection openings - installation of light cones placed at the intermediate levels and stairs Durlacher Tor: - Ventilated acoustic ceiling made of expanded glass granules, with substructure, approx.
Marketing agent for expanded glass spheres and licensing of technology for production of cellular, void-filled glass spheres.

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